Do you know what the meaning of the beetle tattoo is? This insect with its very own characteristics carries a very powerful and strong symbolism. Check it out!

Meaning of scarab beetle tattoos

The beetle is a beetle, black in color, that may even frighten those who are not very fond of insects. However, its very ancient origin is what arouses in many people the desire to mark it on their skin. The design of beetles has occurred since Ancient Egypt, a historical period in which this animal was seen as sacred.

For the ancient Egyptians, the black beetle represents the Sun, the one who is reborn from himself, and also symbolizes the cycle of day and night. Divine resurrection is also a striking sign for beetle tattoos. He was known as Kepri, the god of the rising sun.

Depictions of the beetle in Egyptian art depict the animal carrying the sun in its paws. This is because it does so with its excrement, with the vision that it would be reborn from its own decomposition. It was an important lucky charm, carrying within it the secret of the eternal return to life.

Beetle tattoo pictures

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