Many centuries ago, the Illuminati served as a secret organization of wealthy, elite, and powerful Western European investors. These secret societies have led some people to believe that there is a darker connotation involving occultism and world control by a secret and select group.

The Eye of Horus is linked to the sun, illumination, and protection from bad energies. Represented within a triangle, which is part of a pyramid with beams of light, it is the most recognized symbol of the illuminati. In symbolism, the all-seeing eye represents prestige, and belongs to those who have the most power in the world.

Besides the eye, there are some other images linked to the Illuminati's:

  • Skull ? Emblem and part of a ritual about mortality;
  • Butterfly ? Mind Control;
  • Owl ? Emblem, wisdom and alertness;
  • Pyramid ? Secret meetings;
  • Fire ? Represents the establishment of a new world order;
  • Obelisk ? Center of power;
  • 666 ? Connection with Satan;
  • Pentagram ? Protection and Satanism;

Some people these days get tattoos of illuminati symbols as a way of showing ambition or respect for the culture of the organization. It is a way of representing power, influence, control, and the presence of the occult.

Meaning of Illuminati symbol tattoo:

  • Power
  • Control
  • Influence
  • Surveillance
  • Occultism
  • Satanism
  • Elite
  • Secret Society
  • Dark
  • New World
  • Mind control
  • Protection
  • World Order

Here are some images of Illuminati symbol tattoos:

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