A simple figure that has great representativeness. Triangle tattoo: the meaning is varied according to its position, its context and its style, and it looks beautiful in any size and in the most different colors.

Triangle tattoo: meaning

It is important to know that there are several possible meanings of a triangle tattoo. It is even possible to see it as a geometric figure or as a letter - in this case, the Greek capital letter Delta, symbolized by Δ. Know some of the main symbolisms:

  • Triangle with the tip up: it means fertility, male energy, stability and also the idea of balance. If the triangle is the letter Delta, it has the meaning of fluidity.
  • Triangle with the tip down: symbolism of fertility, of the feminine, of matriarchal energies, and also of the moon and water, feminine energies that guide the planet.
  • Celtic triangle: also called Triqueta or “Heart of Hrungnir”, the Celtic triangle, formed by intertwined triangles, is closely linked to the energetic flow, to the triple flow, and also to the idea of rebirth.
  • Triangle with an eye: the so-called “Eye of Providence” brings with it the meaning of God watching the Earth, and is represented by a triangle with luminous rays and an eye in the central part.

The triangle tattoos mentioned above can have numerous variations, shading, overlays, colors and details. It all depends on the direction to be given and the individual taste of each one, so choose the one that has the most to do with you! See photos and examples of beautiful triangle tattoos below!

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