The mermaid is a mythical creature from the bottom of the sea, half human, half fish. According to the legends, they are known by men to be attractive, seductive and treacherous.

According to Greek mythology, mermaids are the daughters of gods who made love to sea creatures. Furthermore, their beauty is compared to that of the goddesses Aphrodite and Venus.

In tattoos, the mermaid is usually represented in a positive way, transmitting freedom and carefree with the problems of life on earth. By its hidden side, it can represent our own unknown paths Next.

Among sailors, there is the legend of the mermaid who only appears at night in calm waters and uses her song to seduce them. They are attracted to distant rocks and are soon drowned, thus representing the temptation and sin.

Despite this, some sailors use their image even as lucky symbol, combined with anchors, ropes or other nautical elements.

Meaning of Mermaid Tattoo:

  • femininity
  • Freedom
  • Temptation
  • Mystery
  • Seduction
  • Force
  • Attraction
  • Sea
  • Nature

See some images of mermaid tattoos:

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