Oxóssi is a deity of the African religions, also known as an orixá. He represents the knowledge and the Forests and is considered a kind of guardian of the huntersHe is always seen with bow and arrow in hand.

Because of its connection with nature and all that it can offer to human beings, it is known as orixá of hunting, billing and sustenance. It also protects everyone who goes out to work every day to provide for their families. It is directly linked to the life and the quest for survival.

Besides its connection with nature, it is associated with good influences and positive energies. According to the belief, it is believed that the "sons of Oxóssi" have a behavior similar to that of the orixá, that is, they are pleasant, cheerful, communicative, and are great company.

Oxóssi is also linked to contemplation, wonder, thought and creation. A deity of culture and the arts.

Meaning of Oxóssi Tattoo:

  • Forest
  • Umbanda
  • Candomblé
  • Happiness
  • Arts
  • Music
  • Creation
  • Contemplation
  • Harvest
  • Hunting
  • Guardian
  • Orixá
  • Support
  • Plenty
  • Wisdom
  • Life
  • Quest for Survival

See some images of tattoos with Oxóssi:

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