This animal has some myths and symbologies around the world. The most popular are in relation to the differences between the white swan and the black swan and the union of opposites, with the white swan representing light and purity and the black, mystery and obscurity.

The image of the black swan can serve as a metaphor for a state of revelation, which arises after some impacting event in life. It is considered a revelation because, historically, it was always believed that there were only white swans, but in the 18th century the first black species was documented.

It is still a symbol of eternal fidelity and love for the family, when represented as a couple, as swans are monogamous and do not replace their partner even after death.

There is a legend that associates the swan with creation of humanity. In this legend, the swan is a virgin woman who comes into contact with land and water and thus gives rise to human beings. In many traditions, swans are responsible for bringing children into the world.

In Siberia, the symbology of the swan is more linked to the male and fertilizing. When spring comes, the swans are greeted with prayers by the women who see them.

In the East, it is a symbol of music and poetry, of courage, nobility, prudence and elegance.

In Hinduism, Brahma, God of the creation of the universe, is represented as a four-headed, four-armed man sitting on a white swan. The swan in Hindu culture represents calm, beauty, honor and spiritual elevation.

Meaning of Swan Tattoo:

  • Light
  • Purity
  • loyalty
  • obscure
  • Mystery
  • Revelation
  • Feminine
  • Fertilizer
  • Humanity
  • Beauty
  • Elegance
  • Music
  • Nobility
  • Calm
  • Honor
  • Spiritual Elevation
  • Loyalty
  • Love
  • Transformation

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