There are many theories about the origin of tear tattoos, but the biggest one is that it is a prison tattoo.

In prison culture, having a tear as a tattoo means that the person has committed a murder or have a too long sentence to be served. The more tears tattooed, the greater the number of deaths. There are also some variations, such as an outline, which can mean a attempted murder or search for revenge, filled in after completion.

Regarding the side of the face on which it is made, there are differences between the meanings: on the left side it means murder and on the right side it means the loss of a dear person.

This symbol is very popular, especially when you want to attract attention. Despite its significance, many people outside the prison environment, including celebrities, like to get them tattooed, because they think that this way they can pass a air of mystery or danger. For this reason, it is no longer seen as something exclusive to criminals.

Definition of Tear Tattoo:

  • Murder
  • long sentence
  • Prison
  • Loss of a loved one
  • Mystery
  • Danger
  • Revenge

See some images of tattoos with Tears:

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