The whale is one of the ocean's most beloved creatures. One of its species, the blue whale, in addition to being the largest mammal, is also the largest animal in the world, reaching up to 30 meters in length, being the largest symbol of grandeur of the seas.

It is an animal related to secrets and mysteries, as it usually lives in deep water. For this reason it is associated with the wisdom, occult knowledge and discoveries.

They are great communicators and even female singers, who can be heard hundreds of miles away. They communicate through sonar, whistles, clicks and even body language. Some biologists say their partners are attracted through singing.

symbolize protection, as there are many reports of whales protecting animals not only from their species, but also from others that may be in danger.

Are considered one of the most smart of the world and so they are a symbol of learning, wisdom, curiosity and evolution.

Its syrup is a very special element in the Maori culture, due to the power of strength and the ease of movement through the water that it gives the animal, symbolizing strength, power, agility and speed. In this culture, the whale is also a symbol of protection and good luck.

To Hawaiian natives, the whale is seen as ocean god in animal form. They are guides and helpers.

In Vietnam, they are sacred animals and fishermen's protectors.

For the Chinese, they are associated with animal deities protectors of the seas, ships, fishermen and travelers.

Meaning of Whale Tattoo:

  • Sea
  • Nature
  • greatness
  • Resurrection
  • Reincarnation
  • unknown depths
  • Maternity
  • Instinct
  • Communication
  • Intelligence
  • Peace
  • Force
  • Wisdom
  • Gratitude
  • Psychic Skills
  • Protection
  • Good luck


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