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Instrument of orientation and direction, the wind rose is based on the four cardinal points and also on the intermediate points.

Wind Rose Tattoo Meaning

Used by sailors since the 14th century, the wind rose gives the right direction to follow.originally the wind rose has 32 different points, representing the wind and its direction, and its name originated from these points resembling the petals of a pink.
So this is a tattoo that represents seeking guidance in turbulent times or new directions, and also symbolizes the freedom to go one's own way. It is an amulet so that you can follow the right direction regardless of adversity and obstacles.

For sailors, tattooing a wind rose meant good luck, and that they would come back alive from their voyages.

Although worn by sailors these days, wind rose tattoos are most often tattooed as a reminder that the future is coming and the past no longer matters. Can be:

  • A reminder that the future is coming
  • Overcoming in a Past Relationship
  • Overcoming addictions, past regrets, etc.
  • Learning from what has passed
  • Symbol of a frequent traveler

A curiosity: several historical reports indicate that the wind rose tattoo has a specific meaning in Russia. There, tattooing this symbol on the knees means that the mafia person should not kneel before anyone.

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