The tattoos of snakes or serpents can have different meanings. For some cultures and people, the snake represents good, and for others, evil.

One of the main meanings is renewal and rebirth, which are linked to the constant changing of the snakes' skin.

Although snakes and serpents are associated with treachery and evil by Christians, they can be symbols of prudence, due to the fact that Jesus said to be "simple as doves, but wise as serpents. Snakes can also be considered as messengers of God, especially white ones.

In psychoanalysis, they are symbols of eroticism; for the Egyptians, they are associated with wisdom or, still, in some Egyptian, North American and Central American cultures they symbolize hell or the ?world of the dead?

Snake Tattoo - Head

Snake Tattoos in Chinese Horoscope

In the Chinese horoscope, they represent people who were born in the year of the snake, who are considered wise and calm; In some parts of the East, they are considered divine and sacred animals, which offer protection against negative energies and give strength and knowledge; In Buddhism they are also considered sacred and protective against negative energies, because a snake tempted Buddha to the path of luxury and greatness and did not succeed; In Norse mythology, a snake coiled around the Earth symbolizes the sea.

Snake tattoos can also be associated with death, because sometimes it can kill with a venomous bite.

The snake wrapped in a dagger usually represents fighting skills, stealth and deadliness.

Snake Tattoo on Arm

Snake Tattoo and Infinity

A snake biting its own tail and forming a circumference is often used to represent an eternal principle. meaning of ouroboros tattoos)

Snake in prisoner's tattoo

A snake tattoo on inmates commonly has the meaning of betrayal.

Photo gallery of snake or snake tattoos


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