The Triskelion symbol, also known as triskelion, triskel or triskele, is a Celtic symbol composed of three intertwined spirals, three human legs or any other composition containing symmetry and rotation, representing action, progress, and constant change.

In Celtic culture, the number three is considered very sacred and for this reason represents the triads of life that go on forever in movement and balance. This idea of trinity followed in different cultures and in different versions, always conveying the same idea:

  • Spirit, mind and body
  • Father, Son and Holy Spirit
  • Mother, father and son
  • Past, present, future
  • Power, intellect, love
  • Creator, destroyer, provider
  • Creation, preservation, destruction
  • Birth, life and death

The triskelion in tattoos can also represent the overcoming a great difficulty in lifesince in its essence it also means personal growth, human development and spiritual expansion. When the symbol is drawn clockwise it means progress and evolution, and when it is drawn counterclockwise it means retreat, protection, and preservation.

Meaning of Triskelion Tattoo:

  • Personal growth
  • Human Development
  • Spiritual expansion
  • Action
  • Cycles
  • Progress
  • Revolution
  • Competition
  • Movement
  • Change
  • Evolution
  • Protection
  • Preservation


See some images of tattoos with Triskelion:

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