The legends and elements of Viking culture have fascinated thousands of people around the world since ancient times. Find out what meaning of the Vegvísir tattooknown as the Viking compass!

What does the Viking compass tattoo Vegvísir mean?

The Vegvísir is a magical symbol used in navigation by the Vikings. It served as a guide during a stormy voyage, with poor visibility and storms. In Icelandic words, Veg means path and Visir means guide or guidance. Thus the word Vegvísir names this element that represents the strength and protection we so desperately need when we are lost physically or emotionally.

This element is mentioned in the mystical manuscript Galdrabók, popular between the 5th and 17th centuries. The document says: ?take this symbol with you and you will never get lost in storms and bad weather, even if you are in unknown terrain? It is a custom in Icelandic homes to paint the Vegvísir on the door, to bring guidance and symbolize the right direction. Because of this beautiful symbolism, the Vegvísir Viking compass tattoo is sought after by men and women all over the world.

Vegvísir tattoo pictures

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