Gun tattoos can have several different meanings. Many books and places exemplify the meaning of guns in tattoos when made in jails as a representation of armed robbery.

But in a broader sense, gun tattoos can represent sport or hobby, like hunters, shooting, etc.

And the vast majority of gun tattoos have a meaning of strength, power and / or safety for many people. Although most popular in men, many women use gun tattoos as a demonstration of the strong nature of their personalities.

Some gun tattoos show the gun being fired across the tattooed skin. In other cases we can see examples of the most varied: flowers coming from the barrel of the gun, which can represent peace, or show the contrast between the beauty of life and the harsh reality of death.

Another very common example to be tattooed are the 2-gun and rose tattoos, representing the rock band Gun's Roses logo.

Less common are examples of gun tattoos with people together, which could be gangsters, hunters or even Victorian ladies polishing their pistols.

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