The new school tattoo is a style that mixes vibrant colors with an always firm and outlined stroke. They are distinguished from the old school by the strong but not necessarily uniform trait as traditionally, and by the use of a greater number of colors and techniques such as gradient and shading. Most of the new school tattoos They are made up of cartoon characters who resemble these figures, since the inspiration for this type of tattoo is, since its inception, in graffiti, comics and psychedelic style.

Fox School New Tattoo
Fox School New Tattoo

A strong feature of tattoos is that the arts are worked in perspective and in three dimensions, giving the impression that the design has relief on the skin. Its origin was on the west coast of the United States, around the 60's, shortly after a major outbreak of hepatitis, due to lack of sterilization of products and the reuse of needles in several people, a new health code was approved. rigorously, before that tattoos used to be directly associated with delinquents and bad guys. With the popularization of Disney, the new "tattooed", so-known at the time, began to become increasingly interested in a more colorful and stronger tattoo style than its predecessor - which was limited to three to five colors per work done.

Psychedelic New School Tattoo by Winston the Whale
Psychedelic New School Tattoo by Winston the Whale

At first, the designs were generally inspired by Disney productions, which had become icons of the time. Soon after, more colors of tattoo inks began to be produced, which further boosted the style. Today, we can see the evolution of the strokes, with three-dimensional effects and more serrated edges, but without losing their essence. Remember that there is no rule to follow, it depends on the exclusive creation of the tattoo artist.

New school can be considered an expression of the generation that grew up having their heroes in comics and cartoons, but this style is growing more and more as the materials developed for tattooing diversify and refine, allowing them to emerge. new techniques and the rereading of others.

Other designs that are also widely used in the new school are the swallows, anchors, roses, pin-ups, flaming hearts, women among others.

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