Centaur Tattoos have the meaning of a link between the instinctive, impulsive nature of the animal and the reason of the human being.

The Centaur is a mystical creature with the body of a horse and the torso and head of a man. According to the Greeks, centaurs lived in mountains and forests, could not drink wine without getting drunk, and were prone to rape mortal women if they crossed their paths.

They are the embodiments of discord and tension ? the pull between the instinct of nature and the rational judgment of men. It is believed that their legend originated as a reminder of the first appearances of nomads on horseback in Asia.

Centaurs came to symbolize animalism, indomitable nature, and lack of self-control.

The Centaur is also a Christian symbol of man who is divided between good and evil.


Another common meaning of the Centaur is related to Sagittarius people, since it is the symbol of the sign.

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