It's no secret that tattooed women are essentially vain, but what are the accessories that are adorning tattooed women out there? This article opens a series of fashion tipsespecially for tattooed women and those who are not yet tattooed, but admire the style. After all, being tattooed goes far beyond a design on the skin, it is an attitude.

Today, we are going to talk about necklaces! Do you usually combine your accessories thinking about how they will match your tattoos?

Here are the four types most seen in photos and on the street being worn by tattooed women in recent times, of course, there are thousands of other trends going on at the moment. But let's start with the four most popular

The skulls are the main "darlings", not only among tattoos as well as in accessories go with everything and carry an irreverent style, depending on the model it can be delicate or heavy and extravagant.

Owls are delicate and beautiful, they go well with any look. If you have tattoos on your chest, avoid them. owls too big, how about buying a pendant in a color that matches the colors of your tattoo?

The cameos came with full force this year, both in tattoos and accessories. They are pendants known for their sophistication and elegance, however, some brands have given a new and stylish face to the ornament.

Fake pearls
Fake pearls, or just "little balls", are perfect for everyday life to give a touch of that basic Monday look. Variations with satin and chains can be the perfect finishing touch to your evening look.

1. Black Pearls.
2. Pearls and chains.
3. Pearls with satin ribbon.
4. Giant pearls.

Regardless of the model of pendant or necklace chosen, it is worth saying that if you have a tattoo on your chest, avoid wearing colors similar to the tattoo, so as not to pollute your neck too much. If your tattoos are in shades of black and gray, prefer colorful necklaces and vice-versa.

Article by: Stephanie Barbosa

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