If you are in doubt about performing a nose piercing or septum, we have separated here some tips about the piercing process, healing, and tips on jewelry and locations to place your nose piercing. As with all piercing, several precautions are recommended in order to have a correct healing and to be able to enjoy your piercing for many years.

Types of Nose Piercing

There are several types of nose piercings that you can put in your nose, and we will list the most popular ones below:

Nose ring piercing

The nose ring piercing is one of the most popular piercings, especially among women, but also used by men. It consists of a normally delicate ring in the nostril. It is also popular as it can be a more discreet and delicate piercing.

Nose ring piercing pictures

Pebble nose piercing

Another even more discreet and delicate piercing option for the nose is the small stones. The piercing is usually made of steel, but can also be made of silver or titanium, and tends to have stones in various colors and styles. The size of the stone can also vary, from very subtle stones that go unnoticed to stones a little larger, drawing a little more attention.
Stone nose piercings can also be found with Swarovski or rare stones, having a higher cost.

Pictures of pebble nose piercing

Male nose piercings

Despite being very popular among women, nose piercing also looks very good on men, and is very popular even with celebrities, such as Lenny Kravitz, Chris Brown, Justin Bieber, and others.

Does it hurt to get a pierced nose?

This is the most common doubt among people who want to get a nose piercing: does it hurt to get a nose piercing?
This is one of the most complicated answers because the pain varies from person to person and also the ability of the person who is going to apply it, but in most cases the nose piercing is a piercing that hurts little to pierce, and can be compared to the application of an injection, besides being a quick process to pierce.

Nose Piercing Care

Because piercings consist of piercing an area of your body, several precautions must be taken to avoid inflammation and to have a quick and lasting healing. We always recommend following the instructions of the professional who applied the piercing

  • Clean the site carefully, using unscented products and clean hands.
  • For the first few days you can use saline solution to clean your nose piercing, or some specialized product for piercings.
  • Avoid using products such as sunscreen, makeup, and moisturizers until the piercing is 100% healed.
  • Avoid using bathtubs, swimming pools or going to the beach, as these environments can contain bacteria and infect your piercing
  • Be careful not to hit your piercing on objects

What to do in case of inflammation of the nose piercing?

If you have taken the recommended steps, the chances of your nose piercing becoming inflamed are low, but not non-existent. If your nose piercing does become inflamed, we recommend that you seek medical help, as the treatment and level of infection may vary from person to person.

How much does it cost to get a nose piercing?

The price of piercing and application can vary a lot depending on the city, professional, type of jewelry used, and can range from R$50.00 to R$300.00 (which can be cheaper or more expensive).
Our recommendation is to look for a quality professional in your city, who takes the necessary measures of hygiene and proper equipment, as this will also result in the placement in the right place and decrease the risk of frustration or infection.

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