Taking advantage of the World Book Day, let's list a few books that are worth reading for those who love tattoos. Most, unfortunately, are in English ? who knows, maybe in the near future we will see publishers seeing the potential of these books and translating them.


The book gives an overview of tattooing today as seen from the perspective of Kat Von D, who became famous for the television shows Miami Ink and Los Angeles Ink. The book also talks about Kat's career and trajectory, the references of her tattoos, and when she became interested in them. Also, the book brings the techniques used by the tattoo artist as the traditional symbols, such as roses and skulls, to religious images) and the most important works of the artist.


Hardy has revolutionized the tattoo tradition and given a new face to the classic mediums of painting, printmaking, and ceramics through his exhibitions in galleries and museums in the United States and abroad. Hardy brings tattoo design to his pieces, making tattooing appreciated as art ? which it truly is.


The Tattoo Bible volume 2 brings you everything, EVERYTHING you will ever want to know about tattooing, from tribal tattoos, hearts, dragons, roses, skulls, butterflies, Girls, crosses, celestial, Tribal, back pieces to Nautical. The images are represented in a range of physical sizes, the more complex designs are reproduced over one page. Even if you don't understand English it is worth buying for the references of the images and give you dictionaries and Google Translator!


This book features illustrations from the 18th century. One hundred and one color portraits of renowned samurai Japanese with short subtitles. If you are going to get an oriental tattoo, the references in this book are worth checking out!

Russian Criminal Tattoo Encyclopaedia Volume

Occasionally, a book is published that reveals a subculture that you never dreamed existed. More rarely, the book goes on to become a phenomenon of its own. The publication of the Russian Criminal Tattoo Encyclopaedia 2004 was such a phenomenon, spawning two more volumes and winning a fascinated audience worldwide for the extraordinary and hermetic world of Russian criminal tattoos. Now Fuel has reissued the volume of this best-seller, whose first edition already fetched considerable sums ??online. The photographs, drawings, and text published in this book are part of a collection of more than 3,000 tattoos accumulated over a lifetime by a prison attendant named Danzig Baldaev. Tattoos were his gateway to a secret world in which he acted as an ethnographer, recording the rituals of a closed society. The tribal icons and languages he documented are cunning, nasty, sexually explicit, and sometimes just plain weird, reflecting how they make up the lives and traditions of Russian prisoners. Skulls, swastikas, harems of naked women, a smiling Al Capone, medieval knights in armor, daggers wrapped in blood, benign images of Christ, sweet-faced mothers and their babies, armies of tanks and a Lenin horned man: these are the signs that the people of this hidden world mark and identify themselves.
If you are fascinated by Russians and their tattoos this is MUST READ!

The Tattoo Encyclopedia : A Guide to Choosing Your Tattoo

The book is the only illustrated reference on the origins and meanings of almost a thousand tattoo symbols that serves as a guide for choosing your tattoo according to meaning and provides a fascinating look at tattooing as a work of art.

Organized in a convenient A-to-Z format, cross-referenced, indexed by category, and illustrated with three hundred samples of authentic line art tattooing, this book presents an impressive array of images ranging from ancient Buddhist and Chinese designs to those sported by young people in the twenty-first century. The definition of each symbol includes the widely accepted interpretation based on historical and cultural fact of origin, as well as various interpretations that have developed in different cultures and time periods.

The Mammoth Book of Tattoos

This collection covers all styles of tattoos from bold tribal, ideogram and hieroglyphic pieces.

The Japanese Tattoo

American photographer Sandi Fellman used a rare Polaroid camera size to create these photos of Irezumi Japanese men and women who wear elaborate full body tattoos. Fellman treats tattoos as works of art and their creators as artists. His text touches on the tattooing process, common motifs, the sociology of tattooing, and the relationships between tattoo masters and their clients. The 46 photos in this volume, most of them of full body nudes, should provoke different sensations in readers, provocative, fascinating, or repellent the book is a work of art in itself.

We wish you all a great Book Day, and let's read ?

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