The octopus is a mysterious being, sometimes depicted in a friendly and amusing way, at other times drawn in monstrous and frightening shapes. But, after all, what is the meaning of octopus tattoos? Find out more!

Know the meaning of octopus tattoos

One of the most commonly depicted aquatic animals in art - and consequently in tattoo art - the octopus is known for its rounded body and its tentacles. It inhabits the depths of the sea, and its complex nervous system makes it very intelligent. Agile and flexible, it is a solitary being.

H.P. Lovecraft's great character, the monster Cthulhu, is shaped like an octopus. These fantastic visions of the animal are due to the mysticism that surrounds it. When it is threatened, it releases a black dye that drives away the predator. When it loses one of its tentacles, it regenerates quickly. The octopus can also camouflage itself, protecting itself from the enemy.

The main symbologies linked to the octopus are: fluidity, intuition, instinct, creativity, sensitivity, mystery, and intelligence. And for you, what does the octopus mean?

Pictures of Octopus tattoos

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