Fernanda Maria Young de Carvalho Machadowas born in Niterói on May 1, 1970.
She is a writer, actress, screenwriter and television presenter. She is married to the screenwriter and writer Alexandre Machado and has four children.

Fernanda became known for her acidity when presenting programs and for her critical characters on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

She attended college of journalism, radio and TV and letters, but did not complete any course, she says she will never again step on a university field and that she needed a supplementary school to complete high school. In November 2009 at age 40 she posed nude in a fetish essay for Playboy Magazine, breaking the standards of the magazine itself.

The beautiful young lady, as she likes to be called, is also known for her tattoos The first one she made herself at the age of 13 with a pin and china ink was an Egyptian eye, later covered by the drawing of a book. After this event Fernanda stayed 10 years without doing any tattoos, but also when she returned, it was a sequence of drawings all over her body that never stopped.

Fernanda says she doesn't know how many tattoos she has, that she stopped counting, but we can mention the biggest and most showy ones: a rose on her arm representing her reencounter with femininity, a line from the song "Retrato Branco e Preto" by Chico Buarque on her thigh, colorful flowers on her back, the outline of the map of Brazil on her right arm, a butterfly on her left forearm, a lock on her back, a mantra also on her left arm, the names of her daughters and a cherry on her wrist, among other phrases and small drawings scattered around her body.

Fernanda says she will not stop tattooing, but she is very careful not to close any part of her body, because she likes the white background.

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