The drawings we post below are not photos, but realistic drawings made only with pencils by various artists around the world, who with a lot of effort and dedication have reached incredible levels.

Franco Clun ? Anne Hathaway

This amazing portrait of actress Anne Hathaway was made by Franco Clun, a self-taught Italian artist who learned everything he knows from reading manuals and practicing a lot.

Paul Cadden ? Shower

Scottish artist Paul Cadden draws hyper-realistic pictures using only chalk and graphite, so that it is hard to believe that they are not photos or paintings. His inspiration usually comes from photos and videos, but his focus is more on small details and tangible elements that would not be noticeable from a photo.

Cath Riley ? Flesh

Cath Riley has created a series of hyper-realistic drawings called "Flesh"where his main focus is on drawings with representations of skin and its details.

Gallery with other hyper-realistic pencil drawings by various artists

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