We interviewed one of the most popular tattoo artists today when we talk about tattoos done with the style of watercolor, The Victor Octavian:

Blendup: Can you tell us a little about yourself and how you started tattooing?

Victor: I started to tattoo by chance, I always liked to draw, but I had never thought of being a tattoo artist. When I first got my tattoo, Juan who was the one who tattooed me suggested that I should learn to tattoo after seeing some of my designs. He was the one who gave me the first touches and such, after a long time tattooing friends and friends of friends at home I met other tattoo artists and I learned more and more with them.

BlendupI saw some of your watercolor paintings, and that's why you wanted to use this method for tattoos?

 I like paint stains, always liked and painting with watercolor I can use them to give the shape I want, often even without definition. I think this in tattoo is very beautiful, because it is stains and brush strokes always becomes a unique art on the skin of the person, as I had seen other tattoo artists using this footprint in tattoos soon identified.


BlendupWhat are the differences from designing a traditional tattoo to a watercolor one?

Victor: The difference is that in a traditional tattoo you can use the decal as even shadow marking in some cases, while in watercolor style the stains are freshly made with their observing ability, unlike the watercolor on paper where the stain and marks of the brush are formed alone, in the tattoo you have to draw it with light and shadow on each stain so that it looks as natural as possible.

BlendupIt's very hard to find artists who do this style of tattooing. How did you learn and which artists do you reference?

I can say that I am learning every day, I am very fond of watercolor painting and it helps when I tattoo, my references are everywhere: my friends, great history painters like Dali, street artists like Banksy, all I see that catches my eye and influences, it's hard to name.


Blendup: And, how is looking for this style of tattoo in your studio?

Victor: A lot of people are looking for me to get a tattoo on this footprint, I'm so glad that they give me the freedom to create and paint as I please This is very rewarding.

Photo Gallery of Tattoos by Victor Octaviano

Check out the video of how the watercolor tattoo Is made:



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