We interviewed one of the most popular tattoo artists today when it comes to tattoos done with the watercolor, o Victor Otaviano:

BlendUpCan you tell us a little bit about yourself and how you started tattooing?

VictorI started tattooing by chance, I always liked to draw, but I had never thought about being a tattooist. When I went to do my first tattoo, Juan, who was the one who tattooed me, suggested that I should learn to tattoo after seeing some of my drawings. He was the one who gave me the first touches and stuff, after a long time tattooing friends and friends of friends at home I met other tattoo artists and with them I learned more and more.

BlendUpI have seen some of your paintings in watercolor, is that where the desire to use this method in tattoos came from?

 I like ink stains, I always liked them and painting with watercolor I can use them to give the shape I want, many times even without definition. I think this is very beautiful in tattoos, because it's about stains and brush strokes, it always becomes a unique art on the person's skin, as I had seen other tattoo artists using this approach in tattoos, I soon identified myself.


BlendUpWhat are the differences between the design of a traditional tattoo and a watercolor one?

Victor: The difference is that in a traditional tattoo you can use the decal as a marking even for shadow in some cases, whereas in the watercolor style the stains are made on the spot with your observation skills, unlike watercolor on paper where the stain and brush marks are formed by themselves, in the tattoo you have to draw this with light and shadow in each stain to make it look as natural as possible.

BlendUpIt is very difficult to find artists that do this style of tattoo. How did you learn and which artists do you use as reference?

I can say that I am learning every day, I am really enjoying painting with watercolor and this helps when I go tattooing, my references are everywhere: my friends, great painters of history like Dali, street artists like Banksy, everything I see that catches my attention and influences me, it is hard to name.


BlendUp: And, how is the demand for this style of tattoo in your studio?

Victor: Many people are looking for me to do a tattoo in this way, I am very happy because they give me the freedom to create and paint as I want This is very gratifying.

Photo Gallery of Tattoos done by Victor Octaviano

Check out the video of how the watercolor tattoo is made:



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