Matanza announces new album and releases two songs on MySpace.
Five years after ?The Art of Insult?, Matanza launches ?Odious Human Nature?in March, by Deck. The long-awaited 5th studio album (and 4th unreleased album) started being made in 2010 and was recorded in 3 days, live, on reel-to-reel tape (no digital tidying up) and produced by Rafael Ramos in the Tambor studio.

After a career spanning 15 years, 6 CDs and a DVD released and an average of 90 shows a year, ?Odiosa Natureza Humana? brings Matanza back to being more Matanza than ever: heavy, fast, moody, ironic and playing their trademark country-hardcore.

Formed by Jimmy London (vocals)Donida (guitar on the recordings and main composer)China (bottom) and Jonas (drums)Matanza have just released two new songs on MySpace, which already show the feel of the new album: ?Remédios Demais? and ?Carvão, Enxofre e Salitre?

Interview with Jimmy from Matanza about the album:

Below is a quick email interview with Jimmy, about the new album, the road and the artwork.

Fernanda: Jimmy, what are your expectations for this new album?

Jimmy: Apart from staying alive at the end of another tour? Nothing big. Just carrying on as usual, having fun.

Fernanda: What were your biggest musical influences when composing the songs?

Jimmy: The full bag and the bad mood.

Fernanda: Apart from bands, what other influences can you think of?

A bad mood and a full bag?

Fernanda: Why did you choose the name ?Odious Human Nature?

Jimmy: It's the name of a song, and we think it's nice. In fact, don't you?

Fernanda: What do you think of the current rock n? roll scene?

Jimmy: Scene is the stuff of movies, what we have is a bunch of bands cramming together, doing the same thing and working very little. For the rest, unfortunately, there's very little new.

Fernanda: What do you think is the hardest thing about being on the road?

Jimmy: The waiting times. Hours of waiting to play for 1:40 at the most?

Fernanda: How do you deal with this reputation that people have made of you?

Jimmy: They didn't come up with this idea out of thin air. I represent Matanza's songs, whether I like it or not, and they're not nice. It's just that people also project a lot about my life, and there's nothing I can do about it.

Fernanda: How is your relationship with the designers/creators of the CD artwork?

Jimmy: Donida, the band's guitarist, does all that too. He draws, diagrams, does the whole fucking thing.

Fernanda: What's your relationship with the internet, since it's one of the means that has helped the band grow?

Jimmy: I spend a lot of time working on the internet. I don't see the difference between all the media anymore.

Fernanda: How do fans behave in relation to networks?

Jimmy: They're essential on the web. Without them, we wouldn't have half of what we have. We thank you all very much, and apologize for all the shit we've said.

Listen to Odious Human Nature on Spotify:

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