The Camafeu was created many centuries before Christ. in Alexandria in Egypt, it was used as jewelry and adornment of clothing by the noblest of the time. Originally, they were produced from stones such as agate and onyx. In Greece, the camafeus brought images of gods and goddesses and scenes from Greek mythology, women who used them showed that they were open to love and to the pleasures of the flesh, since, in the Hellenistic period this ornament was linked to Eros, the God of Love, known in popular culture as Cupid.

With the passing of the years, beyond a jewel the cameos started to be pawned in diverse parts as vases, warriors' helmets, armors, china, silverware and etc. Moreover, of Gods the camafeus started to be carved with the form of dear relatives, a form of homage to the loved ones and to take them always next to you.

Today, cameos are back in fashion, somewhat modernized: zombies, skulls, candy, catchphrases, etc. And of course this piece would not fail to appear in beautiful tattoos! So if you want to honor something or someone you love very much, or tell the world that you are open to love, the Camafeu tattoo is perfect for you!

Photo gallery of Chameleon tattoos

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