Robyn Rihanna Fenty, born in Saint Michael, Barbados was discovered by her agent while vacationing in Barbados. Known only as RihannaRihanna is a singer and dancer who dazzles with her immense talent and eccentricity. Rihanna started tattooing herself in 2006, and today she has about 25 tattoos scattered all over his body:

  1. Musical note on the left foot
  2. Fish symbol below the ear
  3. Star inside the ear
  4. Sanskrit on the hip
  5. Skull on ankle
  6. "Love" on the finger
  7. "Shhh" on the finger
  8. Roman numeral on shoulder
  9. Stars on the back
  10. Tribal on the back of the hand
  11. Weapon
  12. "Never a failure, always a lesson" on the chest
  13. Written in Arabic
  14. "Rebelle Fleur" on the neck
  15. Nefertiti
  16. "Thug Life" on the wrists
  17. Written in Tibetan
  18. Cross on lap
  19. Falcon on the heel
  20. Isis in the chest
  21. Traditional Polynesian hand tattoo
  22. Henna design on the back of the hand
  23. Cross on your wrist
  24. 1988 in the ankle
  25. Ankle Shark

Music Notes

Rihanna Tattoos - Music Notes

Rihanna got her first tattoo in 2006: two musical notes on her left foot, both inspired by her love for music and her early career

Fish symbol below the ear

Star inside the ear

Sanskrit on the hip

Rihanna has a prayer in Sanskrit, which should mean: "forgiveness, honesty, suppression and control. But unfortunately the tattoo has an error and it actually reads: "long suffering, truthfulness, self-control, inner calm, fear and fearlessness.

Skull on ankle

"Love" on the finger

"Shhh" on the finger

Roman numeral on shoulder

In 2008, Rihanna tattooed the birthday date of her best friend and businesswoman Melissa Forde in Roman numerals. Melissa also tattooed Rihanna's birthday.

Stars on the back

Tribal on the back of the hand

This geometric tattoo on Rihanna's hand was made using traditional folk techniques Maoriand represents aroha (love) and mana (strength). Chris Brown, her boyfriend at the time, also made one.


"Never a failure, always a lesson" on the chest

This tattoo represents Rihanna's motivation for life, and was done inverted so that she could read it when looking in the mirror.

Written in Arabic

Written in Arabic, which translated means "Freedom in God".

"Rebelle Fleur" on the neck

"Rebelle Fleur", which translating expresses rebel flower, was made by artist Bang Bang.


Rihanna tattooed in 2013 the Egyptian goddess Nefertitisymbol of feminine beauty.

"Thug Life" on the wrists

In January 2012, Rihanna tattooed the expression "Thug Life," popularized by rapper Tupac Shakur. As it was performed with white paintThe tattoo disappeared over time.

Written in Tibetan

The tattoo on Rihanna's lower back means "lover" in Tibetan, but has no official explanation from the artist.

Cross on lap

Another tattoo in dedication to the faith of Rihanna, and was the cause of controversy because it was initially speculated to have relations with the Illuminati.

Falcon on the heel

The falcon on Rihanna's heel was inspired by a 2,300-year-old falcon that is on display at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. The hawk also covers her first tattoo, with the music notes.

Isis in the chest

Rihanna decorated her chest with the Egyptian goddess Isis with spread wings. A goddess who was idolized as an ideal mother and wife. This tattoo was made in the Soho area of London, and is a memorial to her grandmother, Dolly.

Traditional Polynesian hand tattoo

During a tour in New Zealand, Rihanna received a tattoo done by the traditional method Maori Ta Moko.

Henna design on the back of the hand

Dissatisfied with her hand tattoo, Rihanna asked her artist Bang Bang to go to the Dominican Republic and cover her hand with an impressive Henna tattoo-style mandala.

Cross on your wrist

The cross on his wrist symbolizes his faith, and was also made by the artist Bang Bang in New York.

1988 in the ankle

Rihanna decided to commemorate the year she was born with a written tattoo in the gothic style. Made with tattoo artist Bang Bang.

Ankle Shark

Rihanna tattooed in September 2016, also with artist Bang Bang, a shark tattoo, which was rumored to be inspired by a stuffed shark that Rihanna got on a date at an aquarium in Toronto.

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