Have you ever been curious or wanted to know more about meaning of tattoos with the Om symbol? So we tell you where this symbol comes from and what its message is. Check it out!

Meaning of tattoo with Om symbol

  • Happiness
  • Awareness
  • Transcendence
  • Life
  • Present
  • Past
  • Future
  • Silence
  • Evolution
  • Dream
  • Sleep
  • Illusion
  • Peace
  • Powerful
  • Indestructible
  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Knowledge
  • Universe
  • Nature
  • Spiritual
  • Harmony

?) (Om - ohm - aum - omkar) is considered the most important mantra in Hinduism. It is the translation of the sound of the universe, the pure mantra, and is believed to contain within it the sound body of the Absolute, Shabda Brahman. It is considered the most powerful sound, as it is a vocal representation of the creator during the creation of the universe, as if it were the first existing sound.

It is described as a state of constant happinessin which the human being is only consciousness and lives in peace with yourself and with the whole universe around you. When chanting this mantra, one of the main objectives is to get rid of excess thoughts in order to get in touch with oneself and achieve happiness.

Its design is composed of the junction of three curves, a semicircle and a point, which represent states of the human consciousness:

  • Lower bend: Vigil, Full Consciousness
  • Center curve: Dream
  • Upper bend: Deep Sleep
  • Semicircle: Illusion
  • Point: Absolute Awareness

The mantra Om can also represent life states: present, past, future and silence.

And this is the meaning of tattooing with the Om symbol: the connection with life, with spiritual elevation, and with the Universe. Om honors the creation of beings, and is also about the sacred and evolution.

The Om tattoo is often accompanied by other elements, such as the sun or the moon, reinforcing universal communion, mandalas, other deities, and elements in nature.


See some images of Om symbol tattoos:

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