The new Dreamworks movie, The Guardians Originwhich is in movie theaters all over Brazil, is based on the books: "Guardians of Childhood", by William Joyce.
In the film the story features some of our main childhood heroes: Santa Claus (who has several tattoos), the Tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny, and Sandman, trying to ensure the innocence of children's legends. In doing so, they fight the Boogeyman, with the help of Jack Frost, a little boy who controls the winter.

Santa Claus tattoos

We could not identify all the tattoos, but the 2 most obvious tattoos, on the forearms, are written: Naughty and Nice, referring to the tradition of Santa Claus only giving presents to children who behaved (Nice). The other tattoos are mostly composed of symbols, with references to warriors, such as swords, wind roses and other drawings.

Watch the trailer for the movie below:

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