Lisbeth Salander's back

The genius hacker from the "Millennium" trilogy has a large dragon tattoo on her back, which represents her strength and resilience.

Leonard Shelby's tattoos

In the movie "Memento", the protagonist uses tattoos on his body as clues to find his wife's killer, as he suffers from recent memory loss.

The illustrated man

In the movie "The Illustrated Man", actor Rod Steiger plays a man whose body is covered in tattoos that come to life and tell dark stories.

Wesley Gibson's fox tattoo

In the film "Wanted", James McAvoy's character has a fox tattooed on his back, symbolizing his transformation into a skilled assassin.

The red dragon tattoo

In the movie "Red Dragon", serial killer Francis Dolarhyde has a frightening red dragon tattoo covering his back.

The tattoos of the Russian mafia

In the movie Eastern Promises, Viggo Mortensen plays a member of the Russian mafia covered in symbolic tattoos that tell his criminal story.

The Maui tattoo

In the animated movie "Moana", the demigod Maui has his body covered in tattoos that tell of his legendary exploits.

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