Luíza Gerloff Sonza, known artistically as Luiza Sonzais a 24-year-old Brazilian actress, singer and songwriter.

Today Luiza is one of the most popular artists in the country. She started her career at the age of seven singing at various events and festivals, but it was on her YouTube channel that she got the most visibility.

Besides his music, his personal life, style, and appearance always make the news, and something that always draws attention is his tattoos, of which there are five in total:

  • Balloon with the word "Believe", as an incentive to always believe that it would be possible to make a living from music.
  • The phrase "Everything always works out," spoken by his parents, which he carries in his life as a mantra.
  • Heart with a musical note, demonstrating his love for his profession.
  • A flying ET, to have the courage to face the unknown.
  • Mystical hand tattoo symbolizing power, reminding you to follow your dream regardless of others' opinions.

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