Whindersson Nunes Batista, known simply as Whindersson Nunes, is a 26-year-old Brazilian comedian, youtuber, singer, and actor from Piauí, who is well known for his humorous videos on his YouTube channel, the second largest in number of followers in Brazil.

The artist has several tattoos all over his body and, among them, most are tributes dedicated to important people and to his northeastern roots.

The tattoos specially made in homage to his roots are a strip of a "cangaceiro" hat from the ear to the neck, a hat above the eyebrow, and the word "Piauí" below the chest.

On his face, in addition to his "cangaceiro" hat, he tattooed a tear, the phrase "live like a warrior" and a small cross, accompanied by the initials "JM", of his son João Miguel, who died days after his birth.

Besides these, he also has a jaguar on his neck, a map of Latin America, the words ?mom? and ?dad?, two tattoos made for his ex-girlfriends, among other drawings spread all over his body.

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