The key has several meanings, usually associated with changes, since it is an instrument that allows unravel another unknown side. Its symbology involves opening and closing cycles, liberation, obtaining knowledge and the mystery.

In esotericism, the key represents the knowing, the initiation to knowledge and open paths.

In Christianity, the keys are linked to Saint Peter, which received the keys to heaven from the hands of Jesus Christ. There are two, one in silver and one in gold, which symbolize the link between heaven and earth.

In Roman mythology it symbolizes several dualities such as: exits and entrances, heaven and earth, past and future and beginning and end.

A key tattoo can also convey a romantic meaning, from conquest to open the heart. It may involve other elements such as padlocks, hearts, flowers and etc. Made by one person or as a couple.

Definition of Key Tattoo:

  • Protection
  • Protected secrets
  • Know
  • Knowledge
  • Opening
  • Closure
  • Release
  • Mystery
  • Spirituality
  • key to heaven
  • Revelations
  • open the heart
  • Possibility
  • Prison

See some images of tattoos with keys:

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