Heavy days call for lightness! This is the premise of “Elephant Memory”, New single from Guantas. With the message of keeping positivity and prosperity alive in everyone's memory, the band invests in a new sound by bringing Early Reggae, a style influenced by Rocksteady and Ska in the late 1960s and seen as the beginning of Jamaican reggae as we know it today. And this is just one of the news.

“This song is really different from anything we've ever done. We had never worked with a producer, in this case Edu Z, and we had never made wind arrangements with anyone outside the band, like Kiko Bonato who signs this work with us. And everything was so round that we didn't rehearse the music before recording, we went straight to the recording room with the face and courage. ”, He says. Nacho Martin, vocalist and founder of Guantas.

Elephant Memory arrives accompanied by a clip recorded at Mirante 9 de Julho, MIRA, one of the tourist and cultural spots in São Paulo. The space was chosen precisely because it awakens good memories.

“We played during a season at MIRA, in 2018, and we love the place. We thought it would be really cool to film there, mainly because of the privileged view between the viaduct and the slab of the place, and we hope that everyone can admire it with us, ”says Nacho, who brought the family into production. “The clip was produced and directed by me with the help of my wife Gabi Caserta as executive producer, my brother Horacio Martin as making of”, he reveals.

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