Despite the crisis and the rise in prices, many people do not intend to stop giving gifts on this second Valentine's Day amidst the pandemic. 

The date should move around R$ 1.65 billion in Brazilian trade, representing an increase of 2.5% in sales volume compared to the same period last year. The estimate is from the National Confederation of Commerce of Goods, Services and Tourism (CNC).

So, if you want to save but also want to surprise, check out suggestions for gifts for Valentine's Day 2021 for up to R$ 120 and choose the one that most closely matches your loved ones. Every form of love is worthwhile and must be celebrated! 

1 – Black Comfy Home Slippers – La Femme – R$ 119.90

Friozinho arrived and there's nothing like a comfortable and warm plush slipper, full of style!

2 – Kimono Hearts – Intimate Joy – R$ 75.00

A democratic piece, which suits everyone and goes with everything! Perfect to give that valued look in the home office. ;)

3 – custom embroidered frame – Rettalhus – from R$ 70.00 

A handmade gift, with the message chosen by you to celebrate love. Upon request. 

4 – hand embroidered t-shirt – Between us – from R$ 90.00

How about a personalized t-shirt, hand-embroidered, with a design that means a lot to you? Quite a gift!

5 – Shampoo and conditioner kit in bar – Alpaca Emporium – R$ 60.00

Handmade cosmetics are on top of everything, and they're sure to delight in a Valentine's Day gift. This kit contains two shampoos and a conditioner bar, with eco-conscious packaging and vegan formula. 

6 – Chain + Hathor pendant – Makra Mystica – R$ 115.00

Handmade jewelry, handmade, in brass with pigmented sand detail in green, with a gold plated Venetian model chain. To demonstrate how precious your love is. 

7 – GY Antiseptic for Hands and Body – Aya Tech – R$ 48.00

In times of pandemic, it is worth adding in the present some sanitizing treats to leave in the home office or office. The GY line does not contain alcohol and is produced based on tea tree oil, an ancient and powerful natural antiseptic. 

8 – heart ring – Ohime Glam – R$ 35.00

Accessories never hurt. The rings are handcrafted, with light material, and bring a touch of color and creativity to the look. 

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