The cross tattoos are very popular, sought after by religious and non-religious people alike. The image of the cross is a symbol that has existed since the oldest generations of the world and continues to be very important and powerful to this day, having several meanings beyond Christian symbolism.

Meaning of cross tattoos

Here are some of the most relevant meanings:

  • Faith
  • Jesus
  • Rebirth and Transformation
  • Peace and Love
  • God
  • Tribute to a Loved One
  • Religiosity and Spirituality
  • Sacrifice and Death
  • Gloria
  • Disclosure
  • Hope
  • Hidden
  • Gothic

There are many meanings associated with the cross tattoo, which is usually done for different personal reasons for each person.

Here are some of the most commonly used variations:

Christian Cross/Catholic
It represents religiosity, the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, and eternal hope in the face of adversity. Your tattoo can signify an expression of faith, a particular journey of self-transformation, or even a tribute to a lost loved one. They are commonly accompanied by images of Jesus, sacred hearts, rosaries, doves, flowers, verses taken from the Bible, among others.
Celtic Cross
The knots symbolize the connection between the physical and the spiritual, while the circles are the cyclical and eternal nature of life.
Iron Cross
It was used by the German military and was a symbol of bravery, but nowadays it is also used as a symbol of rebellion against the system.
Gothic Cross
Gloomy nature, suffering, darkness or anguish. It can also represent Gothic movement in architecture and art.
Malta Cross
It symbolizes sacrifice and courage.
Inverted Cross
In Christian tradition, it is referred to as the cross of St. Peter, who was crucified upside down because he thought he was not worthy to die as Jesus. Today it is also a symbol of the occult and atheism.
Ankh/Egyptian Cross
Symbol of life, union of the masculine and feminine. It can be a symbol of respect for ancient Egyptian culture.
Cross Infinite
Eternity of faith.

See some pictures of the Cross Tattoo

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