The relationship between tattooed and tattoo artist is a love relationship, whether with a tattoo artist or more than one. After all, you will carry his art on your body and he will mark your body forever, so this is quite serious, isn't it?

Many people end up running over in a hurry to get a tattoo and choose the tattoo artist closest to home or even the cheapest ... unless you are VERY lucky, the choice of tattoo artist driven by these reasons will end badly.

So here are some tips on how to choose your tattoo artist ?

Choose your Tattoo Artist by the Tattoo Style you want

Often a tattoo artist is very good, for example, in realism, but does not know how to do watercolor tattoos and you can end up frustrated. So, if you want a realistic tattoo look for a tattoo artist who is a professional in realism, either watercolor tattoo look for a tattoo artist specializing in watercolor and this goes for all types of tattoos.

The style of these tattoos is quite different, so it is quite difficult for the same tattoo artist to specialize in all of them.

Make sure the tattooist disposes of the needles in the correct way

There is no point in the tattoo artist making fantastic tattoos if he does not dispose of the needles correctly in toxic material boxes (just like those we see in hospitals and laboratories when taking blood). Always remember that tattoo needles MUST be discarded, otherwise they can transmit diseases including AIDS.

Visit the Studio and meet the Tattooist

Think that depending on the size of your tattoo you will see the tattoo artist a few times and for hours, have you ever thought if the tattoo artist is not good people?
Tattoo artist like any other professional can be bad and treat you badly, unfortunately, as in other services this also does not escape. So talk to the tattoo artist and see if you identify with him so that the sessions are fun ... it's enough to feel pain nobody deserves to feel uncomfortable in the presence of the other person right?

I'll give you an example that happened to me of something cool, in one of my tattoos, in the third session I was DEAD asleep and the tattoo artist realized, instead of sitting and being uncomfortable, he made a way there that I could lie down ... and look, it made his job difficult, but he was worried about me.

Don't be a cheapskate! But know how to differentiate fair price from abuse

You've found the tattoo artist that fits all of the above categories, but then you think his price is absurd. Then you will have to evaluate is he really being expensive or is he you who are devaluing his work and forgetting that the drawing is forever on your skin?
I believe that SP (where I live) is one of the most expensive places, taking into account that everything in SP is usually above the standards of other Brazilian cities. So I will give an example:

This tattoo in SP, in a good tattoo artist who is not famous you will not pay less than 180 reais, this is the minimum price for a legal tattoo. Now if you go to a famous tattoo artist calculate about 400 reais because in addition to the work you pay the professional's signature ... just like paintings by famous painters. It depends on your need and what you want, be wary of tattoo artists who charge very little, generally, the value is associated with the talent and quality of the materials used by it (I have seen cases of black tattoos that later turned green because of the lack of quality in the ink) and then you will have tattoos with crooked strokes, ugly shadows and thousands of disasters that we have shown many times here on the site, facebook e tumblr.

These are my basic tips for you to find your tattoo artists and create a relationship of friendship and happiness, make a tattoo it's always an enjoyable phase of life, so don't let anything spoil it ?

If you are tattooed and have any tips that I haven't mentioned here, please feel free to comment!

Article by: Stephanie Barbosa

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