The balloon is an airship-type means of transportation through the skies, which stays in the air due to its buoyancy. It flies on the impulse of the winds with mechanical means of propulsion and steering.

Nowadays balloons are used in festivities, celebrations, and there are many places that provide balloon rides over beautiful landscapes.

Going beyond their utility, balloons can have various symbolisms. Regarding feelings, balloons are often associated with freedom, detachment, letting go, moving on, and even a liberation from bad habits, bad relationships, or sadness over the death of loved ones.

The meaning of balloon flight is also commonly related to the search for peace, acceptance, wanderlust, or even a celebration.

Meaning of Balloon Tattoo:

  • Freedom
  • Destination
  • Love
  • Desire
  • Travel
  • Fly
  • Sky
  • Flight
  • Limitation
  • Peace
  • Happiness
  • Acceptance
  • Elevation
  • Realization

Here are some images of balloon tattoos:

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