The members of Sepultura, shortly before the release of the album Arise in 1991, were looking for a new logo to use on the inside of the CD. According to the band's guitarist Andreas Kisser, they wanted a tribal symbol that represented the band, and for this they sought out the tattoo artist and former member of the band Overdose, Bozó, who developed the logo that today is one of the biggest symbols of Brazilian metal.

The initial S, transformed into a sinuous sequence of tangled vertebrae and spines, in addition to the core of the Arise CD, was printed on all the following albums, as well as on flags, T-shirts, and biceps of the group's most fanatical fans.

Just like Sepultura, other metal bands are very creative when it comes to creating their trademarks. Lyrics with horns, serifs with angles that resemble swords, etc. The brand is the visual translation of the band.

Bozó offers some tips for those seeking inspiration ?to create a good brand, you have to know the sound, listen to the band's music while you are creating?

I think the simpler it is, the better. Sepultura's logo is too complicated, with all those bones? says its creator, who declares himself a fan of the symbols used by Metallica and Raimundos.

Tattoo with sepultura logo

Today the tattoo artist charges an average of R$ 700 for those who wish to tattoo the famous ?S? in his studio.

Article by: Débora Vaz

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