The horseshoe is good luck symbol since ancient times. In ancient Greece it was already considered a powerful amulet that protected them from evil, as they related it to the shape of a crescent moon, which means fertility and prosperity, besides being made of iron, considered the most powerful of the elements, protector against all evil.

For these reasons, farmers began to put horseshoes on the doors of their houses, barns, and stables, believing that this would protect them.

There is also a meaning in Christian tradition: according to legend, an English monk and archbishop, well known for being a scholar of metallurgy, including bell-making, put horseshoes on the devil himself and after hearing from him a promise that he would never go near any horseshoes again, he removed them.

The position of the horseshoe is not a consensus in all countries, but whichever way it is, downward or upward facing, it serves the same purposes: luck and divine protection.

Meaning of Horseshoe Tattoo:

  • Luck
  • Amulet
  • Positive energy
  • Protection talisman
  • Prosperity
  • Divine Protection

Here are some images of horseshoe tattoos:

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