The rose is the flower of greatest symbolism in Western culture. It is, for example, the symbol of Aphrodite and Venus, the Greek goddess and Roman goddess of love, respectively.

Roses and their historical representation

According to Greek myth, Aphrodite, at the moment of her birth, emerged from a foam that took the form of a white rose. Thus, the white rose came to represent purity and innocence. The myth tells that when Aphrodite saw Adonis wounded, hovering over death, the goddess went to his aid and pricked herself on a thorn, and her blood colored the roses that were consecrated to her. Thus, in antiquity roses began to be placed on the tombs, a ceremony called "Rosalia" by the ancients. Every year, in the month of May, the tombs are decorated with roses.

Rose "Aphrodite
Rose "Aphrodite

The red rose signifies the height of passion, blood and flesh. For the Romans, roses were a creation of Flora, goddess of spring and flowers. When one of the goddess's nymphs died, Flora turned it into a flower and asked the other gods for help. Apollo gave the life, Bacus the nectar, Pomona the fruit, bees were attracted to the flower, and when Cupid shot his arrows to scare them off, they turned into thorns. And so the Rose was created, according to the myth.

In Egyptian culture, the rose is consecrated to Isis, who is depicted wearing a crown of roses. The closed, closed core of the Rose has made the flower mean in many cultures the symbol of secrecy. A medieval custom was to place a rose on the ceiling of the meeting room indicating that where there was the flower on the ceiling, matters should be kept secret. Soon the custom of painting roses on the ceiling of rooms arose, which influenced the decoration of many houses of classical architecture. In Hindu tradition, the goddess Lakshmi, goddess of love, was born from a rose.

The rosaries in Gothic cathedrals were dedicated to Mary as an emblem of the feminine as opposed to the cross. The original rosaries were made with rose petals. The word ?rosary? is derived from Latin ?rosarium?, which means rosebush.

Meanings of rose tattoos

There are countless symbolisms and myths when it comes to roses, and it would be no different when talking about rose tattoos. And tattooed roses still have two types of meaning: the meaning that matches the colors of each rose, and the meaning that the pink flower itself has.

Tattooed roses have, as their main meanings, love, passion, and beauty, love and passion are those pure, sincere, and strong. They say that if the tattoo has no thorns, the person is in love. While others say that a rose with thorns can be a clear reminder that one should handle love with caution, so as not to be "spiked".

There is an association of rose tattoos with beauty, both inner and outer beauty. It is believed that when the rose in the tattoo has thorns, that person notices and is more enchanted by the inner beauty than the outer beauty, but rose tattoos also signify eternal beauty, and the thorns are a clear warning: you can look, but you cannot touch.

Meaning of the colors in rose tattoos

But like the real flower, the rose tattoo can have several colors and therefore several other meanings. Below, we've topiced the color and meaning of each rose.

  • White rose means purity;
  • Red rose symbolizes passion;
  • Pink rose represents healthy love, idyllic and pure love;
  • Yellow rose is the symbol of friendship and the ability to communicate;
  • Blue rose is the desire to achieve the impossible, due to its rarity;
  • Rose gold symbolizes human dreams and desires.

There is no shortage of meanings for rose tattoos, and each person can enter the meaning that interests him or her most.

Rose Tattoo Photo Gallery

We have selected some of the best rose tattoos for you to get inspired. Send yours in the comments.

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