THE singer Pitty, or Priscilla Novaes Leone, famous in the world of national rock since 2002 with the release of her album “Admirável Chip Novo” has several tattoos (about 20) on the body. His tattoos range from old school, new school and several symbols.

Your first tattoo was in the calf, performed at 15 years of age, a pink.

Pitty also has some cherry tattoos on her lap, which are well recognized and one of the singer's favorites, along with playing cards on her fingers. One of his other tattoos is a red thigh band, with a side bow.

Pitty also has (just a few that we have been able to analyze):

  • Tattoo of treble clef on the forearm
  • The tattooed phrase “Tudo Vai Passar” on his leg
  • The mirror of venus on your wrist
  • Guitar tattoo on the leg
  • Tribal on the back
  • Clockwork Orange movie tattoo on arm

The singer also posed in 2010 for Inked magazine, where she showed her tattoos in very creative photos.

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