Gregorio Marangoni is a name that resonates with dexterity and innovation in the world of Brazilian tattooing. Initially acclaimed for his meticulous work with pointillism and geometric designs, Marangoni now moves with the same mastery to traditional tattoos, while maintaining a contemporary look and refined technique.

The Mastery of Black and White

Working exclusively with black ink, Marangoni has the ability to create striking contrasts and an almost tangible depth in his works. The use of shadows and light is done with such skill that his works seem to jump off the skin, creating a liveliness and sense of movement that are rare in black and white tattooing.

Interconnection with Nature and Asian Culture

Marangoni's recent works reveal a deep connection with nature and Asian culture. His themes range from flora and fauna to mythological figures, such as dragons and Asian gods. Each tattoo is a tribute to the traditional, but with a distinctive personal touch, a fusion of the classic and the modern that only Gregorio can express.

Traditional style with a modern twist

Moving from intricate geometric compositions to a more classical approach, Marangoni now evokes the beauty of natural forms and the symbolic power of Asian iconography. The lines are clean and deliberate, and even in their simplicity, the complexity of life is captured. His bats, wolvesbirds and other elements of nature are portrayed with a realism that defies the monochrome of black paint.

Influence and Evolution

Marangoni's work is a testimony to his evolution as an artist. He began to be recognized for his pointillism and geometry, but never settled. His artistic journey reflects a constant desire to grow and embrace new inspirations, always respecting the roots of traditional tattoo art.

Recognition and Location

Based in Londrina, Paraná, Marangoni is a respected and sought-after figure on the tattoo scene. His reputation precedes him, and he regularly travels to São Paulo, expanding his influence and sharing his art with a wider audience.

Gregorio Marangoni is not just a tattoo artist; he is an artist whose canvas is the skin and whose ink creates a permanent legacy in those who choose to carry his work with them for the rest of their lives. His tattoos are not just adornments, they are visual narratives that speak of the passions, times and places that shape us.

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