The magic of cinema is inexplicable, since the Lumiere brothers, until today, the cinema conquers and thrills hundreds of people. Everyone, without exception, has a favorite movie with which they identify. One that at some point in our lives marked, touched, surprised, and somehow entered into our lives, either because of the script, the soundtrack, the actors, or even the company of the moment.

Tattooing is the most used way to honor something, so lovers of the seventh art often use it to mark that movie forever on their bodies.

The consequence of this is a beautiful mixture of cinema and tattoo, with amazing results capable of awakening in many people the desire to tattoo a movie as well. But it's worth remembering that the ideal is to tattoo a movie that really represents something in your life.

Below are some of these tattoos to inspire you:

Donnie Darko movie tattoo
Donnie Darko movie tattoo
Chihiro and Totoro's Journey

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