Lip Tattoos (or internal lip tattoos) require very different care than tattoos on other body sites, since the site is humid due to saliva. But, if you have thought and rethought and really want to get this tattoo, it is good to be informed about some essential points.

Care before getting a lip tattoo

  • Keep in mind that it is a tattoo that wears out quickly, so be prepared for a touch up once a year (if you take care of it properly, otherwise it will last even longer).
  • It is a place that will depend on greater care.
  • Don't choose overly detailed designs, prefer a word or a small symbol.
  • During healing you may get a strange taste in your mouth, it is your body acting on the healing.
  • Choose a tattoo artist who is already experienced in lip tattooing, as well as white ink tattoois a specific modality and requires a level of experience.
  • Make sure you are not allergic to paint.

Care after tattooing

  • During healing it is important to keep the lip dry as long as possible. Use paper towels for this.
  • On the first day of tattooing, put paper towels also to avoid too much friction between the lip and the teeth, besides wearing off the tattoo HURTS!
  • Do not use mouthwash during this period, as some chemical components in the liquid can fade your tattoo.
  • Ointments containing vitamin A and D help with healing.
  • Never scratch the tattoo! Either with your finger or with your teeth (yes, you can scratch it with your teeth).
  • Avoid soda, fried foods, and acidic foods.

Lip tattooing can fade badly and fail until the design is unrecognizable and looks like an undefined spot on your mouth. But don't panic, with the right care it is possible to maintain your tattoo.  There are controversies about question of whether tattooing disappears completely, some Some say it disappears and others say it doesn't, so I prefer not to say since I don't have a tattoo of this kind.

If you want a discreet, bold tattoo and are prepared to take different care of the common tattoo. Go for it!

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