Among the many ideas for tattooing the moon, one of the most popular is the union between the crescent moon and stars. This connection can represent many things related to maternity, the feminine and the cosmos.

One of the meanings for this symbol is union between male and female. For the indigenous people it means ?missaré? marriage from heaven. The moon would be the feminine side and the star the masculine, representing the sun.

In esotericism, when these two elements come together, there is a union between Moon and Morning Staralso known as Venus, the brightest.

Another meaning of this symbol is fertilityIts curved shape represents the female womb that protects the fetus, which would be the star. For this reason, many tattoos in this format represent the mothers and children.

In Islam, the crescent moon with star is one of its most popular symbols and there are some meanings specific to its culture: the lunar calendar begins with the crescent moon and is seen as a symbol of renovation; each of the five ends of the star represents a pillar of the religion founded by Mohammed (faith, prayer, charity, fasting, and pilgrimage). Besides these, it also represents dignity, sovereignty and renewal of nature.

Meaning of Crescent Moon and Star Tattoo:

  • Family Connection
  • Astronomy
  • Zodiac
  • Family Value
  • Fertility
  • Maternity
  • Cosmos
  • Male and Female
  • Mothers and children
  • Renewal
  • Dignity
  • Sovereignty
  • Islam

Here are some images of Crescent Moon and Star tattoos:

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