Besides being controversial in her attitudes and in her musical works, the Londoner singer Lily Allen causes curiosity, to say the least, with the tattoos that he has on his body. The ones that perhaps provoke the most interest, because they are so visible, are the seven that are engraved around his right wrist. Not all of them have their inspirations unveiled, but there is speculation about these symbols forming a bracelet.

For example, Smile is probably an homage to Lily Allen's first single ?Smile? which exploded in 2006, especially in the UK; and the minimalist figure of a barking dog, which is very reminiscent of drawings by American artist and activist Keith Haring. Following the sequence, a drawing of the head of Homer, the main character from The Simpsons, for, who knows, sympathizing with the irreverent personality of the little yellow guy. Whatever her intention may have been, Lily seems to have regretted it, stating on her Twitter account that the only one of the symbols tattooed on her wrist that was out of line is Homer.

And these were the first: the communist symbol, the star of Davidthe symbol of Buddha, Islam, and a cross. What perhaps makes this ?bracelet? of tattoos is the mixture of various ideological references.

Above her chest, the pop singer has a red lily tattooed, the flower chosen for the tattoo because it refers to her name.

And going into the field of rejected tattoos, Lilly has a ?shhh? on her right index finger, a proof of friendship and drunkenness with her friend Lindsay Lohan, who, after a night out, got the same design at Shamrock Tattoos, in Hollywood. The regret was the unfortunate revelation when he found out that his beloved "friend tattoo" was not that original: he found out that Rihanna already had one of these a year before. Too late.

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