Anyone who grew up in the 1980s probably remembers Rosie, the robot Jane, mother and housewife from the futuristic cartoon The Jetsons. The home secretary and android nanny was extremely efficient, even though she had a slightly overbearing personality and was a bit outdated when it came to technology.

And what might seem like science fiction has become reality, much to the delight of everyone who needs a helping hand with household chores. And when it comes to technology, robot cleaners have never been so up-to-date, unlike the fictional Rosie and her tin arms.

Even if the word robot still stirs up some kind of fantasy in people's imaginations, there would be no better term to describe the automated cleaners that are arriving in the world's homes, intensifying the concept of "robot". smart house.

Floor cleaner

Cleaning the floor, let's face it, isn't one of the easiest household activities to do, especially for rooms that don't yet have a coating that's easy to dust, such as the laminate flooring or other smooth, linear surfaces. Depending on the size of the house, sweeping, vacuuming and mopping can take a good few hours and a lot of strength in the arms and back.

To solve this impasse, robot vacuum cleaners are an option available in models of various price ranges and different configurations. In some of them, all you have to do is press a button and the cleaner walks across the floor (and put your kitten dressed as a shark on top), vacuuming and cleaning up dust, hair and fur. Its sensors allow the objects to move around the house without bumping into furniture, walls or even getting under beds, sofas and bookshelves.

They also ?know? how to save themselves: when the battery runs out, the robot returns to the base on its own to recharge and start a new cleaning cycle. Some more advanced versions can be controlled by smartphone.

Window cleaning robot

Imagine no longer having to clean and remove glass stains from doors or huge windows, especially those that are higher up and more difficult to reach with rags and squeegees. Robot window cleaners have a structure with powerful suction fans, making the equipment attach itself to the vertical surface of the glass and then start cleaning.

As well as sucking up dust, it has small, soft rotating mops that gently pass over the glass panes and sensors that take it into the hardest-to-reach corners.

Waterproof: robot pool cleaner

Cleaning the pool with a sieve and an extendable cable isn't the simplest task in the world, as it requires quite a bit of balance and skill to literally fish the dirt out of the water. Pool-cleaning robots have long been able to help take the strain out of this task.

Capable of working in large swimming pools, the robots submerge themselves and simply start ?walking? and sucking up dirt from the bottom. The waste is trapped in a filter, which the user has to clean.

So much technology!

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