What is the meaning of the dream filter tattoo? This is a recurrent and much appreciated theme when the subject is tattoos! Learn what it means.

Meaning of Dream Filter tattoos

The dream filter has a beautiful ancient history. Also called the Dreamcatcher (literally "dream catcher"), it is a traditional amulet of Native American culture. The object was created by the Ojibwe tribe, to purify energies and separate the "good dreams" from the "bad dreams". Over time, the symbolism of the dream filter has spread all over the world. Today it is very popular in our country, decorating houses, stamping objects and clothing items, and also marking the skin of many people!

The original North American filter is made from the wood of the weeping willow with bird feathers. To the Ojibwe, owl feathers symbolized wisdom, while eagle feathers signified courage. The circle of the filter signifies eternity and life. The center represents the inside of each of us, while the web symbolizes freedom of choice and the power of free will. Knowing all this, simply choose your favorite dream filter design and get tattooed!

Dream Filter Tattoo Pictures

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