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Meaning of the skull tattoo

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Do you know what the meaning of a skull tattoo is? Well, you should know that the answer is not that simple. This is one of the designs that can vary the most in symbolism, and that can be seen in a negative way at first. However, there is nothing sinister about these designs. We are all skulls under our skins!

Meaning of the skull tattoo

Mexican calaveras, skulls with roses, Indian skulls, and even fun and playful skulls. As we said, the meaning of the skull tattoo and the skull designs can vary greatly, either according to individual belief or personal history.

They stand out among the main skull tattoo meanings:

  • ChangeIn the Tarot cards, the figure of Death is symbolized by a skull, and carries the meaning of great changes.
  • Eternity: the skull can be seen as a symbol of eternity, which remains even after the disappearance of the physical body as we know it.
  • Passage: skulls can also signal a more positive outlook on death and the transitoriness of life.
  • JoyThe Mexican calaveras symbolize death in a different light than we are used to, without suffering, pain, and despair. It is, therefore, the victory of eternal life over the end.
  • Redemption: the daily battle and struggle we fight against ourselves. The search for our best version in this daily death and life. This can also be a meaning of the skull tattoo, which carries the symbolism of retracing our path daily as a path to redemption.

Do you like skull tattoos? Then you should know that there is no shortage of creative options, from the most delicate and tiny to the largest and most detailed. Check it out in our gallery!

Pictures of Skull Tattoos

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