There are three well-known meanings when we talk about spiders: power of creativitywith the weaving of its own web, aggressiveness e construction from a central point in its universe.

The spider represents the continual sacrificeIt lives in constant change between construction and destruction, an alternation on which the balance of the world depends.

In shamanism she is known as the weaver of the universe, reminding us of build our own pathsfor which we are responsible. His web, on the other hand, is seen by some as a symbol of mental or emotional imprisonmentfrom which we cannot free ourselves.

It is also known for representing the infinityIt has eight legs, and the number eight is a symbol for infinity.

A species that is very attached to female empowerment is the Black Widow, symbol of femininity, sexual power, cunning, intellect and independence. The species, which is delicate on the outside but always ready to launch a deadly attack, is commonly associated with women who have a strong personality.

Depending on the country, their meanings can be quite different, here are a few:

  • In India, the spider has the meaning of Maya Weaver, which represents the true existence and essence of beingfor weaving his web in a handmade way. Maya is derived from Ma, which means to measure, mark, form, and construct.
  • In Siberia it means ?freedom of the soul?.
  • In Colombia there is a legend about a boat built with spider webswhich carry the souls going to hell.
  • Aztecs believed that spiders were gods of hell.
  • At Francesign of money left over.
  • In Egypt, it represents the Mother Goddess Neith, weaver of fate and goddess of war and hunting.
  • The Lakota people in North America speak of a dream-hunting spider, Iktomi, who teaches mankind infinite wisdom and patience.


Meaning of Spider Tattoo:

  • Wisdom
  • Beauty
  • Diligence
  • Luck
  • Cosmos
  • Divinity
  • Infinity
  • Danger
  • Weaver of Destiny
  • Narcissism
  • Intelligence
  • Luck
  • Betrayal
  • Protection
  • Prison
  • Femininity

Here are some images of Spidey tattoos:

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