Greg or ?Greggletron? (is a New Zealand tattoo artist living in the United States. His work is perhaps some of the most incredible I've ever seen. They are drawings that make ambiguous impressions, being aggressive and soft at the same time.

The tattoos do justice to the neo-traditional style, so they have hierarchical strokes (i.e. some thin and light lines, others strong and defined) that overlap shapes and ornaments, giving perspective to the design and making it even more expressive. In fact, expressive is the word that defines his creatures well, sometimes with a submissive and naive countenance, sometimes evil and ferocious.

The organic shapes, free and rounded lines characterize his work well, giving it subtlety and authenticity; there is also a leaning towards the oriental, which is the style in which the artist is currently venturing. Another striking feature of his work is the colors, which are usually shy and close in tone.

Most of his creations are animals with human characteristics, even though their faces show animal bestiality.

Without further ado, take a look and draw your own conclusions.

Bestial tattoos by Greg Whitehead

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